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Simple order management solution – SellerIntegrate

On May 9, 2016, Posted by , In Order Management, With No Comments

Have you ever thought about a very easy way to start receiving your wholesale orders immediately? Well, we have. And that’s why we created the SellerIntegrate platform, a super simplified web based order management system for those who don’t want to waste their time with over complicated ERP solutions, that can be hard to understand and even more difficult to use. Simply put, we just took the piece of paper that you ordinarily use to take orders over the phone or by email and transformed it into a robust yet simple platform to collect purchase orders right away. Businesses want simple ordering – For them, it’s all about efficiency. The less time they need to spend browsing your goods and making purchasing decisions, the better. This means you should give them a simple, online ordering system, repeatable orders, easy order management, and more.

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