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Customer experience in a B2B environment

Online B2B sellers now recognize that the customer experience in a B2B environment is just as important as the customer experience for B2C. While B2C ecommerce gets the most media consideration, B2B ecommerce is the greater income generator, both universally and in the United States. The emergence of ecommerce giants, for example,…

SaaS has caught up with Enterprise

What’s the total cost of integration when you implement a new B2B platform? Should you license an enterprise ERP solution or go down the SaaS route? What is the best way to get a feature rich platform that let’s you accomplish all your goals without blowing the budget on hidden costs. SaaS…

Simple order management solution – SellerIntegrate

Have you ever thought about a very easy way to start receiving your wholesale orders immediately? Well, we have. And that’s why we created the SellerIntegrate platform, a super simplified web based order management system for those who don’t want to waste their time with over complicated ERP solutions, that can be hard to understand…

Welcome to SellerIntegrate

Receive Wholesale Orders Online Wholesale customers can login themselves and place orders instantly rather than placing them over the phone or via fax or email. Secure Online Payments Your customers can leave a credit card on file, and SellerIntegrate will handle charging it either upfront or when their order ships….